“Thank you, Mom” Campaign by P&G

By Maryam Nikoopour

A marketing campaign is not something that comes to you while you are taking a shower. Successful campaigns tend to be carefully researched, well-thought-out and focused on details and execution, rather than resting on a single, grand idea.

In 2014, P&G recorded $83.1 billion in sales thanks to the creative campaign for appreciating moms in the world called “Thank you, mom”.  Procter & Gamble Co., also known as P&G, is an American multinational consumer goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, founded by William Procter and James Gamble, both from the United Kingdom. Its products include pet foods, cleaning agents, and personal care products. P&G remains a highly selective employer as less than 1% of all applicants are hired annually.

Driven by passionate people and a common purpose, P&G brings beloved brands to consumers around the world. Companies like P&G are a force in the world. Market capitalization of the company is greater than the GDP of many countries, and they market their products in more than 180 countries.


Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign in 2014 throughout the United States is part of the largest multi-brand commercial initiative in the Company’s history. The heart of the campaign was a belief that behind every amazing Olympic and Paralympic athlete is an equally amazing mom. P&G thanked those moms, as well as all moms in the U.S., for the great work they do in raising healthy, happy kids.

The campaign has been multi-purpose including Awareness, new product intro and sales with a considerable outcome. The activities for this campaign is not over and still they provide the users, members and followers with the necessary information for members, users and followers.


The campaigns video had over 19mio clicks so far. The purpose was to show that how much it was difficult for mom teaching us that falling only makes us stronger, giving us the encouragement to try again. And to impress everyone how much their mom’s existence was important in their lives.


Twitter page of this campaign is still active, providing the followers with the information about the products suitable for moms in parallel to encourage everyone to purchase it on the purpose of appreciating their mothers.



Having close to one million members, facebook page uploads images regularly, providing public with the information about brands as well as the occasions on which we can appreciate our mothers.


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