PR Today: You no Longer Control the Message


Since I started my career in marketing communication, writing Press Releases and doing PR has changed in many ways. One of the most relevant changes in my opinion is, who is controlling the message?

In the past, the company controlled the message. However, with social media being the communication channel of choice, now the customers, fans, and even haters control it.

So I believe we should learn to Let Go! It’s scary to let others control the message, but if we focus on delivering quality products and experience, that message should be positive. Just stay on top of it online so you can react promptly.

1. Sharing News is Instantaneous

Back a decade or more ago, if we wanted magazines and newspapers to cover our news, we had to type up the press release and physically mail or fax copies of it to those publications. Then we had to wait and we likely didn’t get a “not interested” letter, so we were basically shooting in the dark.

Today, if we have got a press release ready to go, it can be live in minutes, not weeks.

2. It’s Cheaper to Get the News Out

Back in the day, press conferences were held to communicate news of any kind. Now those are relegated to politicians and major national announcements. We are doing less media tours and pay travel expenses.
Faster, Cheaper, Better: We can get our press release online in an instant, and affordably, too. We can amplify our message through social media, email, and our own blog, effectively reaching thousands of people with minimum investment.

3. Lets Track PR

Getting a media mention 10 years ago was nice, but there was no real way to track how many people read that article, or even bought our product as a result. This is important data, and helps both PR professionals and marketers know when they’re on the right track with their messaging. Today, with monitoring tools we can find out exactly how many people clicked the link to a press release, what they did with it, and where they live.

Public relations has changed in so many ways and in my opinion, it got more interesting as it is interacting and faster. Lets see how it will continue to change in the future!




3 thoughts on “PR Today: You no Longer Control the Message

  1. I wonder who is the writer of this post, it is without the name of the author. I totally agree with the point that it is not possible to control the messages, but it is a good reasons that obliges the companies to offer good services and products so they can always raise positive messages.


  2. Feli, It definitely got more interesting! And the points you make, especially in tracking today, are great examples of the changes we’ve been through. Your structure works well: you make your point clearly up top and support it with the bullets. Perspective has its benefits and you demonstrate them well here. Nice Post!


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