Match! When Media Release meets Social Needs

by Cintia Klein

Paper books were supposed to be dead. Have you been reading most of your news on line or on paper lately? What do you prefer?  I like reading long, complex concepts on paper. But still there is a pile of books waiting for me by my bed. When I have 30 minutes  before falling asleep, reading a book is a very pleasant activity. I believe there is time and place for traditional media release, for printed magazine and hand written letter.

Many PR professionals are  uncertain choosing which tool best fits their communication needs. Such a broad variety of medias can lead the more cautious brands to stick with the classic news release, while others advocate for more social ways of distributing news. How far must we go converting releases into  “social” products?

The Silicon Valley Watcher Tom Foremski’s famous blog post kicked off the debate of the social media release,  rising controversy at the time. See his main advice for planing and developing a useful, contemporary release:

–  Promote deconstruction of the press release into useful and versatile sections: tag the fragments of information so that publishers can pre-assemble some of the news story.
– Provide a brief description of the  announcement, however leave the spin to the journalists. The journalists are going to go with their own view on the story, so why bother? Keep it straightforward rather than spintastic.
– Provide a page of quotes from the CEO or other C-level execs. Quotes from customers and analysts, can be applicable.

Currently, the promises are that social media release  will allow “mobile” story telling from services and products, that actually matter to the customers. In theory, a social media release is well succeed if it travels around the web leaving people a window into the brand.  The results will be seen and measured – more and more often –  by the increase of website relevance via SEO technology, high level of interaction and content sharing. No matter the shape of the media release,  content is clearly leaning towards a conversational tone to engage readers reactions, not only the media professionals.


3 thoughts on “Match! When Media Release meets Social Needs

  1. Great input! I believe that reading only online is only “short reading”. As more and more people are reading only online they are informed just on a very basic level… Is it ok to know just a bit of many different subjects or is it better to no less but more in detail? I believe the second option is better…


    1. Marc Roth

      I love the idea of a social release. If journalists will be copy/pasting/searching for snippets of information for stories, why not make it easier for them by presenting it in a more consumable fashion? I’m all in!


  2. Great question: ‘How far must we go to convert these releases into social products?’ I believe the rest of your post says we have to go as far as we can. Every quote or interactive element makes it more fun to read, more fun to share. You’re beginning to feel a stronger ‘blog voice’ – great! ~Scott


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