My New Passion: Digital Marketing Communication


By Felicitas Sohm


Five years ago when I launched my pearl business, some colleagues recommended to me to create my own pearl blog! Even I have studied marketing; this was a completely new subject for me. Therefore, I bought books about digital marketing, social media, etc. However, self-studying is not always easy, I missed the discussion with classmates and so I again forgot about the pearl blog.

Two years ago a started a new job as a marketing communication manager in an IT company in Switzerland. My colleagues are all great IT professionals but none of them is good in communicating our very interesting software. I thought this is my chance finally to make an effort in digital communication.

There is so much going on that it is easy to get lost in the digital flood. Mobile growth, social networks and new technologies being buzzed about near daily leave people feeling overwhelmed and so do I. If all our competitors have a blog, does my company need one too?

It’s easy to chase shiny objects in an age of newer and ever shinier. Every few months there are new smartphones, new apps, new networks, and new things to share. Moreover, it doesn’t appear it’s going to slow down. However, I believe there are also technologies that will disappear. For example, emailing is getting more and more a problem for companies as employees are spending a lot of time replying to emails. Did we become email administrators? Emailing is still a new way of communication and I believe companies need to think about new email softwares and email strategies to have efficient working employees.

I am enjoying the digital content course a lot! It gives me many new ideas, which I can use in my current job and projects.  I think it is also very important to stay up to date and learn new technologies. Lifelong learning is my key for success and satisfaction!

3 thoughts on “My New Passion: Digital Marketing Communication

  1. Elaine Chubry

    Very interesting to read your interpretation of life and work in the digital world. You have it very right by coining the phrase ’email administrators’ .


  2. It seams you are evolving in harmony and in line with digital media trends. Passion is a source of creativity and fulfillment, may I see all your projects – from IT to taylor made jewelry – succeeding with your new strategies on social media and content creation!


  3. We can relate to the pace of change you outline for us – that helps us also relate to your personal reason why this certificate program works for you. Think of this program as the shiny new object in your possession now that you can use toward making future digital projects less intimidating and more successful. Nice post!


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