The digital age belongs to the young. Says who?

At 55 I am back at McGill on a mission to learn about content creation and community management.    The biggest hurdle is not having a journalism/writing background.  The words don’t flow easily.  Crafting the right message takes time.

In my current role as the multimedia manager for Breville Canada, I have been assigned to launch and manage the newsletters to consumers.

The newsletter can’t be just another type of product sales flyer; it needs to develop engagement with the recipients/reader.  I need to engage these ‘foodthinkers” with topics of interest to them.  I want to turn these consumers into brand fans and influencers.

Following the topics that have been presented in class, the newsletter project has started to take on a framework.

  • I have started to develop possible personas of the audience.
  • Next is the development of a content calendar. Fundamental is the structure of the newsletters : the topics(content ideas) and cross referenced to months/dates. In my case I need to ask: Do foodthinkers want to know more about food trends? The latest cookbooks? Cooking techniques? Do they want to know where & when Breville will be hosting in store demos of new products?

In the newsletters, I also need to address some of the difficulties or issues consumers have with our products.  I know, for a fact, that we receive a large number of calls and emails from consumers regarding their espresso machines.  What if we can address these issues in an ongoing series of tips for getting the perfect espresso shot in a series of short articles, with a “how-to video” in newsletters?  As a measure of success I aim to decrease the number of emails to the consumer response team regarding espresso machine issues.

Part of my learning mission is accomplished.  Stay tuned for the next installments.


6 thoughts on “The digital age belongs to the young. Says who?

  1. You are lucky in that you have clear business objectives and a specific project in mind. We got so much direction in class about how to approach a newsletter. I plan to start by looking at my competitors’. (Julie)


  2. I think starting small and manageable as you suggest is the best way to go – I started with a blog, from there to LinkedIn and newsletters all around the same content. Once we had a couple of months of measurement to see what was working, we attached some business objectives to the efforts, including an increase in leads to the sales team from social channels.


  3. Very appealing headline! And you make it personal from the beginning. I like how you summarize key content from our last class, putting it in a context of a real situation and showing how it has already added value to you. Great! -Victor


  4. Annabelle Olivier

    I understand what you mean about the words not flowing easily…but forget about the words! I think that when you’ve outlined your strategy, what you want to say and to whom, then the words will come much more easily. Already with the espresso machine example just by outlining your goals ( I want to help my clients troubleshoot) makes it so much easier to think about the words. Example: Follow these five easy tips to a perfect espresso. And now that I’ve looked at your website I would suggest this …Let your inner barista shine: 5 fail-proof tips for a perfect espresso every time.


  5. Marie-Noelle

    Love your headline! Never too late to learn and grow! I am also in the process of developing newsletters and editorial calendars. Hope we can share our experiences and learning together! Developing personas is an exercise I meant to do for quite a while…


  6. You’re becoming a better writer than you give yourself credit for:) I like how you drop us in to real life issues and apply them to class-considered solutions. You’ve done a great job of applying class take-aways directly to your work. This helps your readers, as well, see that that it’s not all talk – it’s real application of real tactics to help make an authentic connection with your newsletter readers. Nice post!


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