Seizing Opportunities. Why My Professional Development is Important to My Brand

by Leslie Goldstein

If this period of career transition has taught me anything, it’s about seizing the opportunity to learn new things and improve my skills – be they writing content, planning or organizing content, or sharing ideas with like-minded marketers and communicators in the classroom.

As a marketer I believe that reinvention is a state of being. As I explore new professional opportunities, the need to build my personal brand and make the voice of my brand heard is vital. I want to join the many conversations that are taking place across social media networks and eventually lead some thought-provoking discussions.

Practicing effective writing through blog posts like this one is a great way to apply the four Cs (clear, concise, correct, compelling) of creating strong digital content in a safe environment and define your voice and your brand. In our reading thus far, asking important questions such as why, who and what’s the conversation, are the beginnings of each piece of content. As Janice Redish states in her book Letting Go of the Words, “Your site = you = one side of the conversation. You have to know what you want that conversation to accomplish”. Knowing that your audience or your site visitor is the other side of the conversation, helps me understand what I want to achieve with the content that I create.

Studying Digital Content and Community Management will keep my digital media knowledge current, cultivate my brand and exercise my critical thinking. I believe this program will provide me with valuable tools that will leverage my marketing expertise to do such things as:

  • Create effective content.
  • Manage communities through on-line communications.
  • Learn to monitor and track digital content.
  • Identify and connect with customers.

I also see the benefit of having a structured approach to learning about digital media. From personal experience, the notion of being in a traditional classroom environment is more motivating and stimulates discussions that may not arise online. I enjoy the class discussions because I’m learning about interesting people and companies, and how individuals are tackling digital content creation and thinking about community management in their industries.

5 thoughts on “Seizing Opportunities. Why My Professional Development is Important to My Brand

  1. Leslie, I can totally relate to your feeling of being in a career transition and wanting to seize opportunities.I was in that situation only a few weeks ago. When I randomly found out about McGill’s new certificate program, the timing could not have been better.The class discussions and useful insights received so far from our teachers have only reinforced the idea that we actually need to reinvent ourselves continuously, during career transitions and beyond.


  2. Marie-Noelle

    ”I want to join the many conversations that are taking place across social media networks”. I totally relate. The more I get involved with social media, the more I get to develop my critical thinking, by confronting myself to different point of views, and I know myself better by formulating my own thoughts in a tone and style that defines my voice.

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  3. “Reinvention is a state of being” – well said! You are touching shared experiences I think a lot of your classmates are feeling. Connecting them to the solutions found in this and the other classes is a strong use blog writing technique that compels and then satisfies your readers. Nicely done! I also like that you refer to Redish and the text – a highly appropriate quote and point made from it!


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