Recovering the Unseen Knowledge

By Maryam N.

The technology and lifestyle in 21st century has dramatically involved us, to the extent that we are mostly unaware of what we learnt and achieved in our lifetime. It is as if there is a package at the back of our brain in a storeroom, wrapped up and safeguarding a large amount of data which we have collected. To discover our hidden knowledge and flourish our talents, we need a small impetus: “A professional instruction”. We need someone tap on our shoulder and say: “Hey stop rushing!! Time to scan and review!

My professional life in homeland country was the most precious school I have ever been to. I was graduated from the university as a translator 15 years ago, the time that only the professionals in Information Technology tend to benefit from the “Digital Community”. People were still interested in reading newspapers, journals and books and the information was mostly transferred in written or verbal. Exchanging letters was the easiest long-distance communication which gradually substituted by emails but raised the public complaints during the first years that the digital letters do not include the hand-writing and smell of their dear ones. It took some years till both public and professionals realized that the digital community is the easiest and fastest way of communication and now it was the time to reinforce the digital community tools.

As a translator and web content manager, the intensive career in the past 12 years was a bombard of proficiency and competence which stayed idle afterward. With a big rucksack of experience and knowledge, I am still seeking the best key for:

  • Popular digital contentfemale-and-idea-bw-1a-399x399
  • The best tone of writing and blogging
  • Successful digital communication
  • Boost sales via digital platforms
  • Long-lasting online connection with customer
  • Eye-catching Website

The second phase of my life has been started in a new region thousands mile away from home. I have to pilot the new boat in a new river with all its new challenges and that gives me the feeling that life never ends up! Yeah, still a lot to learn….

4 thoughts on “Recovering the Unseen Knowledge

  1. Maryam, There is nothing new under the sun, but we need help to discovery it within our own experiences. And I liked your bullet list, since it shows some of the many applications this knowledge could have. Great message! -Victor

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  2. I like that you go back and relate to writing letters. Even though our way of communicating today is faster, and in many ways more effective, digital words lack a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. There was something inherently charming and romantic in the written word, particularly because one had to take so much time to pen the words out, to craft the words themselves, and to post the letter.

    Now it sometimes seems too easy. Many times now we dash off hastily-written words, sometimes words of frustration or anger. These words now live out there in cyberspace for all to see. I have reached out to frustrated customers only to have them tweet me back saying ‘Nevermind, it was my own fault.’

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  3. Being a storyteller while writing digital content is very important. And you are off to a great start! You tell your story in a way that so many of us can relate: by drawing the image of that box in the back of our brain storing all we’ve learned to date. Now we’re tasked with carefully opening it and applying it using today’s tools. That’s a very strong image to share and have us consider. Nice post!


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