21st century market demands for human content

by Cintia Klein

Knowledge on digital media is the ultimate currency for marketing strategists. According to Forbes projections for 2015, content will be more important than ever. Why? For many reasons, but the main one: users  are all too busy to read much whether  on a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. They  want to navigate quickly and easily because they are really visiting for the content.

But If you think that community management and digital content creation are intuitive tasks, anyone can do those, think again.

Planning  content is critical for web sites, blogs, social media messages.

  • Planning means asking: Why? Who? What conversations?
  • To have successful conversations, you may study:

– what is desired to achieve through  content

– who is the conversing with

–  what task users want to accomplish

An unbeatable content used to be an appealing meticulously taylored sales pitch. But who likes speaking with a  deaf robot, anyways? Social environment has empowered visitors  to satisfy their goals within a few searches, get things done and answer their questions instantaneously.

We as marketing professionals shall study behavior of digital consumers as key asset for current and future roles. It is about time to replace brands monologue adapting it to friendly dialogue.

The more we observe it gets obvious that an effective marketing strategy  21st century market demands carefully planing of the content for users and tracking prospects. From time they see an ad, came to the website visit, followed on Twitter, downloading a whitepaper, signed up for a trial, finally converting into a sales.

3 thoughts on “21st century market demands for human content

  1. Agree with your argument about why more knowledge about writing content is vital. And I certainly do not want to converse with any deaf robots. I kept looking for the “I” though, as in what is Cintia looking for on a personal level from this class? Next time you must tell us. (Julie)

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  2. I like the analogy of the ‘deaf robot.’ But I think even as people we have to try not to be deaf or to act as robots, even when we are actively using social media. It’s easy to sound dry, instead of breathing life and personality into our interactions


  3. I agree that the knowledge and the research are very important to accomplishing a successful digital marketing campaign. You make that point very well. I especially like that you turn to behaviour as the primary point we now need to understand so we can connect now and in the future. This human side of the connection is now most important. You do a nice job of setting up the challenge and identifying our solutions. Nice Post!


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