Reinventing yourself for the better


By Karina B.

I have been laid off and forced to reinvent myself. Working 15 years as a marketing and communications executive for the same company inevitably created a familiar comfort zone, allowing me to oversee digital marketing initiatives from a distance. However, when I started looking for a new career opportunity, it became obvious to me I needed to bridge that expertise gap and sharpen my skills in digital content creation and community management. The timing was perfect because McGill’s Continuing Education program launched its new certificate related to these exact topics starting Fall 2014.

Now in my new role within an IT company, I need to create a new web site and elaborate a plan to build a community. What a great opportunity to apply the great concepts covered during my first two courses!

For the web site, we have chosen a web design template that is composed of multiple slides. Each slide brings a different topic, giving visitors a quick and scannable overview of the company’s credibility and the robustness of its offerings. This format is great as it enables us to create content with headers, sub-headers, short descriptions and listings. We have completed a thorough analysis of relevant keywords that are used throughout the site to cover that important component of SEO. Keeping the visitors’ profile in mind, we touch on their pain points and show how our technology solves them.

The goal of our web site is twofold:

  1. Present the company as a global leader in human capital management solutions and as a thought leader on the subject
  2. Generate leads for the sales team

Being in a high-touch business, our ultimate goal for the web site is to catch the interest of our visitors for them to start a real conversation with us. While the basics are covered, I understand how important business storytelling is, relying on memorable and influential stories to trigger a reaction. Shawn Callahan is a great advocate of using stories to illustrate a point and have greater impact on your audience. Going over all the items the company has created to date, I quickly realized that we will need a lot more stories to reinforce our message and illustrate our customers’ success using our technology.

On that note, this implies we also need to build a much stronger community, mainly via our blog, LinkedIn and Twitter, to stay connected with our customers and prospects and significantly grow our followers. I started identifying strategic accounts whose testimonials and stories will resonate a lot within our industry. While the task may seem daunting, I will focus on quality rather than quantity and measure results every step of the way.

Reinventing myself has definitely been for the better. Looking back, I feel very grateful for what happened and trust the McGill course will be a great asset in my expanded arsenal!

6 thoughts on “Reinventing yourself for the better

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. I appreciate the authenticity of your storytelling voice, as well as your succinct writing style. I retain clear takeaways about starting a real conversation and business storytelling from your article.


  2. Maryam

    I think content creation is the most difficult and sensitive part of the web design template. I had this experience three times during my career. There were lots of creative and attractive templates offering by the well-know designers while they even didn’t know whether the spaces they have created are necessary or not! And for the content, having several meetings with professional web content managers, finally it was myself as an old staff of the company with a load of information about the background and products who had to manage this heavy task alone…


  3. Interesting article! I also really liked the link to the resources on business storytelling. Telling an effective story of a business is so much more difficult than telling a personal story, or than doing creative writing.


  4. Way to parachute in! You got me hooked into your story and you began to weave the need for the class and the learning within it into our own stories. Nicely done. I like the link to Shawn – a great addition. And you close it up neatly with a bow that ties to your beginning. Nice post!


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