Why – the core question: avoid lack of direction, waste of time, energy and money

By Cintia Klein 

In order to create an effective blog post, before chosing the best blog host, the blog post theme, the keywords selection, the sources, the depth, the layout and the expected results there  is one essential, decisive core question to be seriously examined, which is Why. This reflexion should go beyond obvious answers like “because we want to attract a million readers to make comment”, “we want to become a blog superstar” or “because we`ve heard we must  optimize my blog post for SEO”

The reason why will  vary from selling a product/service increasing qualified traffic to a website,  create a sense of community and belonging to customers, it can fulfill a need of defending one special cause and attracting a powerful group of followers with the same point of view, or even fulfill the need of having a leisure activity out of the blog post like expressing and sharing a creative work.

When it comes to a business blog post, the reason why can be vast: increase brand awaraness, obtain feedback from current clients and prospects, captivate the readers to know more about product features, announce launches, follow and participate on events, etc. Some corporate blogs may have the porpose to offer a more honest approach to customers than the company website reaching product evangelists, influencers and asking for their opinions and reviews, providing exclusive previews.

Once the reason why is well defined and the priorities are listed according to their relevance,  the second question arises naturally: Who do I want  to engage on this “conversation“? Usually, blog post readers expect a more informal tone of dialog then an institutional website. We are ready to create the content, but do we know how to treat the reader or subscriber? It is advised to make a study about the cultural values of the audience, would they like sophisticated approach, simple easy to digest article, are they used to acronymous? Education level, income range and age can be revealing. Do you plan to focus on a certain country, a group of professionals, one gender only? Having answered the nature of the niche  it will lead to objective critical aspects of  the blog post:

– Which blog host to chose:  scripting language, database support, storage space, allowed throughput, reputation
– The blog post theme: is it relevant to your audience? Explore the theme with new perspectives
– The content: sources that matters to audience, depth, tone, keywords for seo
– Layout and images: must be optimized? To which technologies?
– Reference to other links: mention you sources for keeping a good etiquete and seo strategy
–  Offer sign up opportunity to receive newsletters:  open a continuous dialog with your audience
– Promote blog post on social media: according to Why? and Who?

Having minded variables that are complex like the purposes, the market nature and the strategy, the creativety is one skill that is gold! I hope this few insights can help anyone to make their stories unique, worth of attention.





2 thoughts on “Why – the core question: avoid lack of direction, waste of time, energy and money

  1. Victor Guerra

    Cintia, I like the way you call first the attention to the “Reason Why”, and your invitation to have a reflection on it before making any other decision, since it will determine the pathway to follow. The main challenge, I think, is how to define this purpose in a powerful manner, not keeping it short of vision. Going beyond the immediate business objectives, considering your audience’s needs and how you offer value to them.


  2. Cintia, Not only did you go beyond the obvious answers (and the wrong ones), you went in-depth in asking many questions behind the “Why”. It was nice to see you dig deep into the question to consider the needs of the audience over the needs of the writer.


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