Content needs active readers!

By Marc Roth

In my experience, successful content answers two major questions; who is your target audience and what specific action are you asking them to take?

Who is your reader, and what solutions or insights are they trying to solve by reading your content? For example, if a brand is targeting moms with a product designed for young girls, the conversational tone, useful tips and advice would be a good reflection of the reader. Alternately, targeting a high-level IT professional requires a different tone, covering a different level of detail, and require sourcing and fact checking to assure credibility.

A good measurement of audience engagement is not only how many readers the piece had, but how many passively engaged with a ‘Like’ or other acknowledgement and how many took the ultimate step of sharing it with their own networks.
While positioning your brand as a thought expert and providing ongoing, interesting content is important, each entry should give the user a ‘what’s next’. Whether it be a link to a download, another blog entry, a special offer or coupon, or even further reading on the topic. While a post could have many likes and even some shares, if no one clicks on your coupons or downloads your enhanced content, it might be a sign its off the mark.

3 thoughts on “Content needs active readers!

  1. Maryam

    A brief look to all the blogs shows that the winning WH question is “WHO”, and we all at the CBUS111 have considered it when there is a limited range of audiences. What if there is no limitation and our target addressee is general public? How should we manage the content to be suitable and attractive for all sorts of groups…


  2. Victor Guerra

    Mark, We missed you on our first class, but I am glad that “you are back”.
    As always, your comments go “right to the point”. I also considered the “who” and the “why” the two most important questions to ask first. But I liked the simplicity that you gave to the “why”: What specific action are you asking them to take? Keeping in mind this question while someone is writing, will dramatically change the message will be delivered. Great!


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