Who is talking? What are they saying?

by Felicitas Sohm

I have picked the “What” and “Who” to be the most important; it has been a hard decision as I think all the questions are very important and need to go well together.

First, it is very important that we work on our content marketing strategy – based on our business strategy – to find out especially the “What”. All the messages we are communicating need to be in line with our strategy, it is our basis for all the marketing activities. What are our goals, what do we want to happen? According to these questions, we can work on our primary and secondary messages.

In our strategy, we will also find out about the “Who”. Who are our target segments? Who are the characteristics of our target customers, what is their ages, their lifestyle, their values, etc.? According to the answers and our brand, we may write our communication exactly for our customers need and interests.

We will see soon after our communication if our messages have been of interest to our customers. Did they read and comment our blog or posts? Did we have more traffic on our homepage? Did we sell more online/offline?


3 thoughts on “Who is talking? What are they saying?

  1. Keeping business goals in mind is indeed very important. The challenge to me is to keep business goals in mind, but at the same time to align those goals with the customers themselves. We need to add value to our customers through our writing.


  2. Karina B.

    Your title made me think of De Niro’s famous line: Are you talking to me? In social media, this is actually what we are looking for, that is conversations with our audience to engage them and ultimately convert them into loyal customers! Your visual looks great too 🙂


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