The “Who” and the “What” , important to content creation.

Elaine C.

The questions that ask “who” and “what” are two of the most important factors to consider when writing digital content. Any writer, whether a recipient of literary prizes or lesser known authors must take into consideration their target audience during the writing process.  Even authors that never publish and hide their works write for an audience of one. The reader/audience is the “who” that drives the content or message.  Knowing or understanding your audience is key to creating relevant content. For example: sports fans who follow their favorite team and its players want regular updates on the games, results, injuries etc.

To answer the question “what”  , as in the example of the sports fan, the writer could provide information on the game played, game statistics, specifics on the action of the players during the game.  The fans want information to support their loyalty to a team. One way to measure the acceptance or rejection of a sport writer’s article, is by the number of comments or replies  or it’s propagation via social media platforms such as Twitter.

Know your audience and create content relevant to them.

2 thoughts on “The “Who” and the “What” , important to content creation.

  1. I love the concept of the “audience of one.” Even if we’re writing to a larger audience, I find that they respond better when the author is true to themselves, and is writing something that they do agree with!


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