Genesis of content creation: Understanding visitors’ profiles

by Karina B.

In my opinion, the most important questions are the Why and Who as the answers to these specific questions will set the foundation on the content type that will be relevant to create, how and when it will be delivered and which emotions/reactions it will trigger. Why and Who can form the genesis of content creation. Understanding which type of content our target visitors may be seeking and delivering it in a fashion that will satisfy them and engage them to consider our site as a great source of information, requires a thorough analysis of factual data and a true appreciation of their habits and online behavior. Overall, the success could be measured looking at the increased web site traffic, the increased return visitor ratio, the time spent on the web site, the number of items visitors engaged with (watch videos, downloaded more complete information etc.) and the number of Shares and/or Likes.

One key takeaway from the first class would be the importance of understanding our visitors’ profile in order to develop relevant content that will keep them engaged and ultimately convert them into customers. The approach is not a hard push but rather a constructive conversation our visitors chose to have when they landed on our web site.

3 thoughts on “Genesis of content creation: Understanding visitors’ profiles

  1. It’s indeed true that in order to really understand your audience, you need to know more about their behaviour. What engages them on your website? What do they choose to like and share? Digging through the factual data is indeed an important tool. My personal challenge when doing this, though, is how do we cut through all the data and then really relate to the people behind the numbers?


  2. Flavia

    One of the basic rules in advertising is: catch your customer in the very first time; otherwise, you will never have a second chance. I believe companies must be careful when they want to invest on Social Media – they can easily shoot themselves in the foot.


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